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Dynotech Instruments
  Laser Marking ,Laser Power Meter , QE Measurement for Solar , Vibration Isolation Tables , Detection System , Femto second laser , Nano second Laser , Laser Energy Meter , Laser Interferometer , Terahertz System ,Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging , E-2000/Fiber Optic connector , Fine art conservation , Medical Laser modules ,Laser Beam delivery
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Lasers Modules

Fiber Lasers (1µm, 1.5 µm, 2µm CW / Pulsed , Polarization Maintaining)

Single-Emitter, Diode Laser, Fiber –Coupled Diode Laser, Diode Laser Stacks, Pulsed Fiber Laser, CW/QCW Fiber laser, Active Fiber, Passive Fiber & Direct Diode systems

Excimer Lasers for Spectroscopy, Laser Vision Correction, Pulsed Laser Deposition, Micromachining, FBG writing, Eyeglass marking, diamond marking, Mask inspection


Ultra Compact High Performance Diode Lasers for OEM and Scientific applications, DPSS Lasers, Laser Light Engines and Compact Beam Combiners, High performance laser diode modules for CW or modulated applications, High Power LED products for Industry & Science.

Lasers Modules
Vibration Isolation Tables
Detection System
Vibro - Meter
CCD Camera
Laser System for Industries
Fiber Optics
Optics and Optical Systems
Terahertz Imaging
Metrology and Calibration
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