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Dynotech Instruments
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Product Range

Fiber Lasers (1µm, 1.5 µm, 2µm CW / Pulsed , Polarization Maintaining)


Ultrafast  laser system(high repetition rate Femtosecond and picosecond Laser ) for

Micro Cutting - for precision medical equipment such as biopsy

Micro Drilling - holes from approx. 20 μm for micro filter tubes

Micro Welding - pulsed fiber laser welding of stainless steel

Clark-MXR, Inc.
Ultrafast Solutions for Science & Industry
Ti : Sapphire Amplifiers, Yb-doped fiber oscillator, Yb-doped fiber amplifiers, Optical Parametric Amplifiers, Harmonic generators, Nonlinear Spectrometers,Time-resolve pump-probe spectrometers, Micromachining Workstation.

Diode Pumped passively Q-switched solid sate laser, Low Power Pulsed Laser Systems, CW Laser Systems, DPSS Laser with Dye Laser.

Stabilized He-Ne LaserStaiblized He-Ne Laser


The Transversely Excited Atmospheric (TEA) CO2 lasers- The Work Horse (WH) series lasers, The High Pressure (HP) series lasers for:
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
  • Differential Absorption LIDAR (DIAL)
  • Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) generation
  • Laser marking
  • Pulse amplification
  • High energy physics
  • Pump sources for spectroscopy

  • laser subsystems- Agile Tuner, Solid-state switching, Sidearm Catalyst ,Gas flow system, Gratings, Beam shaping
  • Laser optics- focusing lenses and focusing (parabolic) mirrors, bend mirrors, collimators, reflective phase retarders, rear mirrors, output couplers, and output windows.
  • Laser Nozzles


Single-Emitter, Diode Laser, Fiber –Coupled Diode Laser, Diode Laser Stacks, Pulsed Fiber Laser, CW/QCW Fiber laser, Active Fiber, Passive Fiber & Direct Diode systems


Lasers for Laser microprocessing, FPCB cutting,  glass processing, laser singulation (Si, Sapphire), Marking, Solar cell processing, 3D printing, Semiconductor Inspection, Ti:Sapphire Laser Pumping, Ultrafast Laser Pumping, PIV (Particle Image Velicometry),  Satellite Laser Ranging SLR Nanosecond Lasers, Fixed Wavelength Series, Tunable Wavelength Series-  TU Series



Excimer Lasers for Spectroscopy, Laser Vision Correction, Pulsed Laser Deposition, Micromachining, FBG writing, Eyeglass marking, diamond marking, Mask inspection


Ultra Compact High Performance Diode Lasers for OEM and Scientific applications, DPSS Lasers, Laser Light Engines and Compact Beam Combiners, High performance laser diode modules for CW or modulated applications, High Power LED products for Industry & Science.

Pulsed Nd: YAG Lasers, Femtosecond Lasers,OPO Laser systems, Ti:Sapphire Laser systems, IR Tunable Laser systems, Monochromators & Spectrographs,High Resolution Wavelength Meters
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