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Dynotech Instruments
  Laser Marking ,Laser Power Meter , QE Measurement for Solar , Vibration Isolation Tables , Detection System , Femto second laser , Nano second Laser , Laser Energy Meter , Laser Interferometer , Terahertz System ,Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging , E-2000/Fiber Optic connector , Fine art conservation , Medical Laser modules ,Laser Beam delivery
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Slot Die Coating, Desktop to rollto roll, Photocurrent Mapping, Functional Ink, Flexible substrates or Barrier substrates.



The SUSS LI Series tools are systems for direct CAD-to-substrate precision patterning and can be used both as a general purpose patterning tool and for its additional multiple process capabilities.


·         Application flexibility
·         Highest patterning resolution
·         Intuitive usability
·         Automated or manual operation modes
·         Low maintenance required

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Nano Positioning & Nano Measuring Machine, Staiblized He-Ne Laser, Laser Interferometric Gauging Probe, Laser Interferometric Vibrometer, Miniature Retroreflector, Miniature Plane Mirror Interferometer, Optical-Interference Testing Rig for Application Tonometers, Gauge Block Calibration System.


Nanoview, Korea
Imaging Ellipsometer , Spectro Reflectometer , Mapping Spectroscopic , Ellipsometer , Vaccum  Ultraviolet Spectrometric Ellipsometer
Nanoview, Korea

Ecopia,K orea
Hall Effect Measurement System, Probe Station, Manipulators LED Chip Tester, Heat-Treatment System

  • PECVD Systems for deposition of SiO2, Si3N4, DLC and CNT
  • PA-MOCVD Systems for InGaN and AIGaN
  • Sputtering Systems (DC, RF, reactive, co-sputtering, combinatorial)
  • Thermal and E-beam Evaporators, Ion Beam Etching and Reactive Etching systems
  • Atomic Layer Depostion Tools
  • Thermal Vacuum Systems

Atomic Layer Depostion Systems, Plasma-Enhanced ALD System for Research, Phoenix:Batch ALD tool, Tahiti:ALD System for Large-Area Manufacturing Operations.

Lasers Modules
Vibration Isolation Tables
Detection System
Vibro - Meter
CCD Camera
Laser System for Industries
Fiber Optics
Optics and Optical Systems
Terahertz Imaging
Metrology and Calibration
Laser Beam Delivery